Richard Lehner

Richard Lehner

Richard Lehner (Ph.D. University of Toronto)

Adjunct Professor

Department of Pediatrics, Group on Molecular and Cell Biology of Lipids
328 Heritage Medical Research Centre
Phone: (780) 492-2963
Fax: (780) 492-3383 (fax)


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Research Interests

Triacylglycerol and cholesterol metabolism (cell biology of obesity, cardiovascular disease, fatty liver disease and production of hepatitis C virus)

Excessive triacylglycerol (TG) storage is manifested as obesity, a recognized health risk factor for Type 2 diabetes, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, cardiovascular disease and some cancers. TG is secreted by the liver into circulation in very-low density lipoprotein (VLDL) particles. VLDL is converted in blood to low-density lipoprotein (LDL) - a carrier of "bad" cholesterol. In our laboratory we are investigating the role of endoplasmic reticulum localized lipid hydrolases in TG and cholesterol metabolism and transport and their potential as pharmacological targets for treatment of lipid metabolic disorders and viral infection.

I. Carboxylesterase 1d/Triacylglycerol hydrolase (Ces1d/TGH):

Hypothesis: TGH is involved in the mobilization of intracellular TG stores in the liver. Project involves cell biology (role of TGH in lipid droplet formation and turnover) and physiology (analysis of TGH transgenic and knock out mice and human TGH mutations).

II. Carboxylesterase 1g/Esterase-x (Ces1g/Es-x):

Hypothesis: Es-x regulates in lipid storage and secretion. Project involves studies on the role of the enzyme in lipid metabolism in the intestine as well as in the liver utilizing cell biology and molecular biology approaches and analysis of Es-x knockout mice.

III. Arylacetamide deacetylase (AADAC):

Hypothesis: AADAC participates in intestinal and hepatic lipid metabolism. Project involves cell biology of retention of AADAC in the endoplasmic reticulum; studies on the role of the enzyme in lipid metabolism in hepatocytes and in AADAC transgenic and knock out mice. Role of AADAC in the regulation of sterol metabolism and HCV infection.


Selected Publications

C. Li, L. Li, J. Lian, R. Watts, R. Nelson, B. Goodwin and R. Lehner. (2015) Roles of acyl-CoA: diacylglycerol acyltransferases 1 and 2 in triacylglycerol synthesis and secretion in primary hepatocytes. Arteriocler. Thromb. Vasc. Biol. (in press)

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Q. Liu, R.M.P. Solito, R. Lehner, S.J. Stone and R.J. Weselake. (2012) Acyl-CoA:diacylglycerol acyltransferase: molecular biology, biochemistry and biotechnology. Prog. Lipid Res. 51, 350-377

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Graduate Students
Wesam Bahitham
Jianfeng Huang

Postdoctoral Fellow 
Jihong Lian 

Lena Li
Randy Nelson
Russell Watts 
Research Assistant
Phung Tu 

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